The ridiculous portrayal of cats as human personalities, the eclectic Brooklyn setting, Madeleine’s pouty lipstick choices and the bad jokes—so bad, they’re good—all contribute to this special web series.
— Danniah Daher, BUST Magazine, "Celebrate 420 And Your Love Of Cats With This Mini Web Series"
Offering enlightenment is a Magical Being (the delightful Charlotte Pines of Play Dead as the spirit of love) ... Ms. Pines’s irrepressible sprite is an enchanting foil to Mr. Chao’s petulant and tearful neurotic.
— Andy Webster, New York Times, "Support From a Love Sprite and Some Fractured Friends"
His unexpected companion of the evening, a Magical Being portrayed by the abundantly talented Charlotte Pines ... The treat of the evening was watching Charlotte Pines as the Magical Being. Ms. Pines is a performer in the tradition of Imogene Coco: a consummate comedienne and a gifted singer and dancer. In addition, Ms. Pines’s sense of whimsy and theatrical lunacy called to mind the best work of June Foray, who is best remembered for her work with Stan Freberg and the many voices she provided in Rocky and Bullwinkle. She also reminded me of the unique Black Eyed Susan (Susan Carlson) in her numerous hilarious roles over many years with The Ridiculous Theatrical Company... Alas, it would seem that today there are few outlets left to fully utilize Ms. Pines’s considerable talents. I hope she is discovered by some discerning producers and hits the big time.
— Jay Reisberg, Culture Catch, "Cheerful Insanity: Chao and Katzberg in Repertory"
Charlotte Pines, as Hero in her bright yellow summer dress, is the perfect vision of the southern ingénue: Her speeches flow with mint julep and the perfume of a wronged Scarlett O’Hara.
— Jay Reisberg, Culture Catch, "So Much Time, So Much To Do"