Allez, les amis parisiens! Vous pouvez voir des films de la promotion 2016 de La Fémis, y compris Couvre feu de Manon Falaise, et mon premier voix-off français. Le 28 et 29 septembre!

And for the non-francophones...

Couvre feu, the short film by my lovely and talented friend Manon Falaise, in which I did my very first voice over in French , will be playing on the big screen at La Fémis, France's premiere film school, in the old Pathé studios, in a showcase of the graduate directing students of the class of 2016! (Holy run-on sentence, Batman.) Click the image below to watch the trailer!


28 and 29 September

La Fémis

6 Rue Francoeur

75018 Paris, France