Come see Alligator!

On Monday, March 11th, I'll be reading stage directions for the Barefoot Theatre Company's reading of Hilary Bettis's play "Alligator,"  part of the bareNaked reading series.

I'm excited about this for many reasons.  First, if you don't already know Barefoot's work, they are a company of smart, innovative artists, dedicated to producing relevant, vibrant new and existing works.  I am so happy to be involved in one of their projects.  Also, the play is amazing.  (And the stage directions are pretty poetic, so my job is awesome!)  Find out more about the Barefoot Theatre Company here.

Come see Alligator by Hilary Bettis on Monday, March 11th at 7:00 PM at The Loft, (East 3rd Productions,) 684 Broadway #5W, on the corner of East 3rd and Great Jones.

Reserve your seat now, these readings sell out fast, admission is FREE.  RSVP by emailing with the play's title, number of seats, and your contact information.