Charlotte Pines
Charlotte (left) and  Underhill  cinematographer, Maddalena di Beni (right), on set in Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Walter Rivera.

Charlotte (left) and Underhill cinematographer, Maddalena di Beni (right), on set in Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Walter Rivera.

Literature, folklore, mythology, Jungian analysis, creepy 1980’s kids’ movies, early 00’s internet culture - Charlotte’s work draws on her wide variety of experiences, interests, and fields of study to tell stories that are at once otherworldly and deeply personal and universal.

Charlotte’s work is defined by her imaginative world-building, quirky voice, and aesthetic style. Her work is also set apart by her background as a professional actor, singer, and dancer, giving her a unique perspective on performance and performers, not only allowing her to achieve complex things on set, but helping create a feeling of safety, connection, and value amongst the entire cast and crew, (happy artists are the best artists.) Find out more about Charlotte’s acting work here.

While her stories live primarily in fantastical and hyper-stylized worlds, her main objective is to connect with her audience, and connect her audience with one another on a fundamentally human level through storytelling by rooting her characters and narratives in truth. She believes strongly that storytelling can change hearts and minds, allowing us to understand ourselves and others better, and wants her work to help foster imagination, compassion, and curiosity.


 Halfstache Productions

Officially launched in 2014 and co-owned with fellow actor-turned-filmmaker and ride-or-die homie of the last 5 years, Lauren T. Mack, Halfstache Productions is committed to making rad, weird, intersectional, female-driven content with elements of the fantastic, rooted in the truth.
Creators of the digital sci-fi/comedy series,
CAT PLANET. Find out more about Halfstache Productions by clicking the giant button below…




The ridiculous portrayal of cats as human personalities, the eclectic Brooklyn setting, Madeleine’s pouty lipstick choices and the bad jokes—so bad, they’re good—all contribute to this special web series.


CAT PLANET is a sci-fi/comedy web series series about 3 stoner roommates on a quest to save the world from a power-hungry, interstellar cat, set in Brooklyn featuring original animation, music, and CATS. It was written and conceived by Charlotte Pines, and is a co-production of Halfstache Productions and The Ravacon Collective. Find out more and watch all of season 1 by clicking that big honkin’ button.