There and Back Again: Part VII


After arriving back in the South, Péter's and my plans started to shift. Why struggle in France, when there might be a different future, one slightly easier, one with more potential, in the places we'd left behind - and of course, eventually, in the same place. While there was no end date originally to my time in France, having a long term, renewable visa, it became clear that I had to return to New York.

We started counting down. We had many nights were we searched and searched for ways to stay together. To not have to spend months on end apart. To break through and make life work in France, if only for a little while.

Eventually, practically on the eve of my departure, Péter decided the most practical route for him was to return to Hungary to work, and we would research how he could legally come be with me in New York, and legally work with the infinite number of world-class musicians here, sharing his very specific skill set in the industry here.

So we were both leaving. We booked our tickets out of Paris on the same day. Neither staying a single day in the country when the other was not. Going in opposite directions.

Of course, as is often the case, it is at this point in the story that Péter and I made some truly meaningful friendships in Montpellier and started to really enjoy ourselves. Among other highlights, I visited the lovely Reform Jewish congregation, Kehilat Kedem, and rang in the New Year with them in September. 

This blog is Part 7 of 9 about my year in France. Check out the other chapters here!