There and Back Again: Part V


The day after my course ended, I fled Paris, and my recent misfortune. I packed up a rental car and drove from Paris to Montpellier. France is so incredibly beautiful, and the drive is stunning. The Massif Centrale, the Viaduc de Millau, the landscape at sunset as soon as I crossed into Languedoc, the blood orange moon that rose over the mountains as I neared Montpellier. 

I arrived just as Péter and Gangzterek left on a three-week tour all around France, so there I was, alone, in Péter's bandmate's apartment. I discovered that one of my great comforts in this place, with no car and no friends, was... the mall. I spent many afternoons at the Polygone, wandering about the Monoprix, buying the most wonderful store-brand of hummus I've ever tasted. Looking at books at FNAC, sweaters at Bershka. There is something so American about a shopping mall.

After the tour, Péter spent about two and a half months total in Montpellier, in the Écusson. Despite the lazy, sandstone beauty of the city, Péter was on a fruitless hunt for a decent job and a new apartment, and I was not finding the kind of long-ish term fulfillment I was hoping to find. I started planning a trip home for the holidays.

Péter and I also planned a trip, by bus, to visit his family in Hungary. His first since he moved to France four years prior.

This blog is Part 5 of 9 about my year in France. Check out the other chapters here!