There and Back Again: Part IX


I've been back in New York now for about three months. I'm finding that putting things back together is a much slower process than I'd half expected it would be.

I'm also realizing that I'm an optimist, and underestimating the weight of a prospective task has helped me to take huge risks, (this trip, CAT PLANET, negotiating for myself, etc.) that I probably wouldn't take otherwise. It also probably plays a big part in my being chronically 15 minutes late. :P

I'm on stage again!! I've opened a production with my classical rep company, TP&Co, of As You Like It - my first opening in a year and a half, perhaps my longest pause to date. I'm playing Jaques, and if you're reading this in February, 2016, and will be in or around the New York Metropolitan Area, you, dear reader, should come see it!

I am working as a personal assistant/social media manager for two lovely people who teach Kundalini Yoga, and are delightful, magical bosses - Siri Sat Kaur and Guru Dharam. They are the best, and although I usually just work from my computer, when I go over to their apartment, they make me ginger tea with fresh ginger.

I am working feverishly with my CAT PLANET team on finishing the series and getting it out.

I AM HANGING OUT A TON WITH MY CAT. (I can't even begin to tell you how much I missed my little furbeast.) I think he got cuter while I was gone.

I am looking forward to writing something else once I'm feeling settled.

I am reconnecting with friends and colleagues in New York.

I talk to Péter, who is working his tuchis off in Hungary, and coming to visit me in New York in March, via Skype, multiple times a day. Technology is an incredible thing.

I am seeing my parents regularly, which makes all three of us very, very happy.

I am seeing my grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins, too, which feels great.

I am missing France every day. I dream of the mountains in the South. I dream of sunsets in Paris. I miss my friends badly. I'll be back soon, though. G-d knows I've learned a hell of a lot since my list trip.

Mostly, I am trying not to write the future, and watching very curiously as things unfold.

Thanks for reading my stories! If you missed any, please feel free to catch up here. :)

Stay tuned for the next adventure...