There and Back Again: A Year Abroad in Review


Last I wrote, was roughly two years ago. But it seems more like 20 years ago.

TL;DR: I just got back from roughly a year in France, and am back in New York. Really great things happened, really shitty things happened. Yes, I speak French pretty well now. No, I wasn't in Paris during the attacks, thank G-d. I have some pretty great stories...

Anyway, after writing all this stuff down in one HELLA LONG blog, I've decided I'm going to split it up into chapters.

I'm really excited to tell some stories from this past year. It's pretty candid. What I've written is, by no means, all of it. I'm leaving out a car accident, going to see a friend play at Silencio, David Lynch's ultra-exclusive club, flea markets, and I'm excluding 99% of the most interesting story, by far, because, welp, NDA's.

But this is definitely a way that I can keep processing this crazy adventure, and also catch you up, dear reader! I hope you'll read them, and enjoy reading them!

Get them as I post them here!