Fresh new look!

hey, guys! nice spring weather we're having, right?*

i'd like to introduce you to the brave new look i'm sporting, after a wonderful and (semi)spontaneous day of transformations with the darling dominic sellers, one of my fellow company members from tp&co. he wanted to get his nostril pierced and i ended up piercing my septum. (a fantastic piercing for actors, because it just flips up and *poof* it's gone. did you know scarlett johansson had hers pierced in the early '00s?) 

NEW PIERCING! (it can completely disappear, too. hooray for versatility!)


i've been listening to a lot of fka twigs (below) for the past few months, and i liked hers a lot. i like mine even more. when it's all healed up, i'm gonna get somma dat fancy, classy jewelry. 

this was the inspiration for my piercing. check that classy, delicate jewelry? check out my favorite video of hers here.

dominic on the right, looking classy as hell. charlotte on the left looking happy, albeit a little goofy. we instagrammed that shit.

anyway, i haven't told my mom and dad yet. hi, guys! i know you're reading this. surprise!!!!

in other news, just living the actor life - lots of auditions, rehearsals, working with my friends at barefoot on their reading series. i may or may not be dabbling in writing! (hint hint, i am!) 

and tp&co will be putting up a production of marat/sade in early june!

expect updates shortly.



*this is, of course, sarcasm, my feelings about winter have been elaborated here.