What I Like About Winter

In an effort to be more positive about an abominable season that I positively despise, I am making attempts to identify the things I truly enjoy about Winter.  Let's see how many I can think of, I'm shooting for 10.

1)  The end of Winter, or the coming of Spring.  I'm sure if I lived in a land without seasons, I wouldn't feel the tremendous sense of gratitude I feel when Spring comes in the Northeast.

2)  Winter produce - blood oranges, pomegranates, roasted root vegetables... the best.

3)  Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is awesome.

4)  Secret Santa.  Secret Santa is awesome.

5)  The way my cat snuggles up to the radiators.

6)  Kvetching about Winter.

7)  Blankets.

8)  Winter upstate.  Clean snow, warm cars, sunny windows.  Just gorgeous.

9)  Watching a blizzard from a safe, warm room.

10)  My birthday.


Do you have something nice to say about winter?