2014, let's do this.

Happy new year, world!  Hope you had a warm, cozy holiday.  I went upstate to visit my family and friends in my hometown, and celebrate my Grandmother's 90th birthday. 

Just a little bit about my Grandma - after all, it's from her that I get my dimples, my nose, my steely will, and my dramatic flair.  She has been the matriarch of the Glens Falls theatre community since I can remember, directing, acting, bossing.  She was the president of the New York State Community Theatre Association, she's directed tens of shows since she moved to town in the 1950s, and she continues to direct and boss people around at the age of 90.  She's the best.  Last month, the community threw her a veritable gala of a birthday bash at the swanky Charles R. Wood Theatre, complete with an hour-long musical review, a recitation of her biography, and a buffet.  She wore a crown because she's the queen. (See photo at right.)

I am returning to real life, and the beginning of a new showbiz year in the Big Apple.  I'm about to begin rehearsals for the second production with TP&co, which is super exciting, Much Ado About Nothing.  (Tickets are on sale, you can get them here!)  I'm playing Hero, and tossing around some ideas as to how I can put a more empowering, feminist spin on a pretty bleakly misogynistic character arc.  A lot of Shakespeare translates directly to modern times, but certain cultural norms just don't.  As an actor, I find that a really exciting challenge, and one I'm definitely up for.  Stay tuned!

Outside of the performing realm, I'm having fun working on a few languages - continuing to learn Hebrew and keep my French up to snuff.  Thinking I should probably dust off my Spanish, because why not. 

À bientôt, hasta luego, להיתראות!


Her Majesty, the Queen, on the evening of her gala.  90 looks pretty good on her.