Charlotte's January Theatre Binge


I have seen more theatre this month than I can even remember.  I started out trying to chronicle it using my instagram account, but couldn't keep up. 

Anyway.  There is so much bloody fantastic theatre in New York all the time - and especially now.  In the slick professional category, I've seen Sir Ian and Sir Patrick in No Man's Land, Mark Rylance's all male Twelfth Night, (three times,) and Richard III, Frank Langella in King Lear at BAM, I have a ticket to see Godot next month, and I have every intention of seeing Twelfth Night and Richard again before they close on the 16th.  I have also seen friends' fantastic work - Shane Shane's Liquid Nonsense at La Mama was wild and wonderful, and ANIMALS' The Baroness Is the Future was mesmerizing, and opaque,  and I loved every minute.  Still on my list are The Glass Menagerie and Pippin, and next month's A Doll's House at BAM.

I am, no doubt, a lucky, lucky, lucky girl.  It's a very expensive habit that I can't really afford to keep up, but the high you get from great theatre is just as addictive, (I'm assuming, I'm also probably exaggerating, but whatever, I do what I want,) as hard drugs.  

And I don't think I've ever felt as elated and inspired by a play as I have felt every time I've seen Mark Rylance and company perform theirs.  It is an education to watch them.  The simply phenomenal, nuanced performances, the gendered casting, the mastery of the text, the text itself:  those shows have positively set my brain on fire - I have so much I want to discuss and explore.  I want to find more opportunities to work on classical theatre, and I want to bring that inspiration to my current work in TP&co's upcoming Much Ado About Nothing.  (Shameless plug: we open February 14th, all the info is here.  Use the promo code "charlotte" for $5 off the regular ticket price!!) 

If you've seen anything you feel can't be missed, you must let me know.  I NEED MORE THEATRE.  MORE THEATRE!  And to check out the rest of my #THEATREBINGE pics and more, check out my Instagram.