"Pardonnez-moi, s'il vous plaît, mais mon français est très rouillé."

that means "please excuse me, but my french is very rusty."

i expect to be saying this quite a lot come july 10th.

i am brimming with excitement, because i will be leaving the country for the entire month of july.  more or less on my own, with the exception of the lovely friends i will be visiting.

the whole thing came about for a couple of reasons: my cousin julia is getting married in brittany in late july, poor thing.  so my family was planning to make the trip in the first place, but i have wanted to take a trip that was a big departure from my daily life for some time now.  i'm a lucky, lucky girl, and my life is great, but man.  new york, guys.  she's one tough broad, new york, and trying to keep your shit together here requires constant maintenance and vigilance.  you love it, and you never want to live in another city, but it's exhausting and all-consuming.  (new yorkers, you know exactly what i mean.)

coincidentally, i also had the tremendous good fortune of working with a group of very, very talented french and american, (and chinese/canadian, and brazilian,) screenwriters in a workshop through columbia, taught by the legendary playwright, israel horovitz.  i was one of a group of five actors who helped the writers hear their new and edited scripts by reading them aloud each class.  half of the class were mfa students from columbia, half were from la femis in paris.  so i have the added bonus of being able to spend some more time with my new french friends!  

Here's the whole gang from the screenwriting workshop after the final performance of the scripts.

i'm so excited to work on my french for the first time in a few years, and explore london and paris.  i'm excited to make new friends and meet new people.  and most of all, i'm excited to get some fresh perspective.