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at play dead, we have been incredibly lucky to have an enormous variety of well known faces and names in the audience.  i keep a list which i refer to as "celebrities that have seen me naked" but in all sincerity, it should really be "satisfied (famous) customers," or something like that.  or "people whose mere presence makes us giggle and shriek like school children backstage."

after a cursory poll of the cast, i believe i have a more or less complete list, with a very small semblance of chronological order.  it goes as follows:

robin leach

penn jilette

stephen sondheim

lou reed

chris sarandon

joanna gleason

joel grey


dick cavett (twice!)

rob schneider

steve martin

neil gaiman

david blaine

neil patrick harris

alan rickman

robert englund

jonathan ross

robbie mcneill

adam savage

matthew gray gubler

peter schickele

trey anastasio

and of course, our friend teller!

i hope i haven't forgotten anyone!  but we were happy and grateful to see each and every one of them, and to get to share our show with them!

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Roger Richman on Monday, October 10, 2011 2:17 PM

I am so pleased for you and your family. You have come a long way since I first saw you in the upstate musical while you were a student. It so gratifying for me to see you from the start, Roger

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