Blog Archive 5: maiden voyage

so!  vistaprint has convinced me it behooves me to have a blog... which may very well be the case.  whether or not it is to my advantage may be moot, as i may quickly forget it exists and not update it.  this has happened before, (see

i am currently planning a trip to los angeles.  i am really excited to start meeting people in the area, which i am assuming means they're in the industry, (industry being the umbrella category, which includes living in los angeles as a sub category?)  i will be there the first two weeks of june, for any industry inquiries or sight-seeing recommendations, please see my contact page!

also, shooting another segment in justin van wie's lucy soon, also featuring my new paltz homie, and ridiculous actor, kyle ryan.  will forget to post pictures of that soon.

finally,  seeing sleep no more tonight with old friends.  super excited, another new paltz ex-mat, jenny weinbloom, is affiliated with the project, will be glad to support her work!

until... next time?