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 Posted on Sunday, February 10, 2013 2:24 PM

who's got two thumbs and is terrible at blogging consistently...

if you've been paying attention to my news page, you know that 2012 was an amazing year for me.  i worked on so many new projects, met so many talented and inspiring people, filmed a few death scenes, sang a few songs, etc.  it was great, and so full, that i feel overwhelmed by the prospect of summarizing... so i won't.  but please do check my news page, cause 2012 was DOPE.

and i have a good feeling 2013 can only get doper.  already worked on a webseries, going to be performing in a reading of an amazing new play, and working on a cool indie sci-fi feature.  other things bubbling, too, but if i told you, i'd have to kill you.

kristen wiig is TOO EXCITED. this is what too excited looks like.

kristen wiig is TOO EXCITED. this is what too excited looks like.

but let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?  something i'm way too excited about is the upcoming 24-hour play fest for arts in the public eye, up in my hometown, glens falls, ny.

(i got mad gratitude, so you should totally read my impassioned plea for support for the local arts scene, but you could also just buy your ticket to playfest.)

growing up in a quaint little city such as glens falls - an anomalous red pocket of a dominantly blue state, a little reminiscent of bedford falls - one would expect a fairly casual arts presence.  not in glens falls.  i was brought up artistically by world class dancers, singers and actors.  i had performance opportunities coming out my ears.  i did my paid summer stock gig at 16.  it may not have prepared me for the INDUSTRY, but by god, i knew how to be a performer.

and i am by no means the only one who benefitted from this exposure.  i am sometimes reminded of how many people i came up with were not only phenomenally talented, but inspired and ambitious enough to pursue careers in the arts.  not only that, but they are THRIVING.  making their livings.  making names for themselves.

my peers and i were lucky to have the kinds support from friends and family, but i'm sure they will all agree, we would not be where we are today if it weren't for the work of organizations like ARDTthe adirondack theatre festivalthe theatre company at hubbard hallthe lake george youtheatre, the improbably serious theatre cultures of the local high schools, and the teachers and mentors who guided us.

in a time when arts funding is... like, all but unavailable... for education, creation, whatever.  it's so much more important that we all come out and support the organizations that make this possible.  that make it possible for people outside of a major metropolitan area to be exposed to culture, to create and experience work that feeds their souls and inspires them.  

anyway, what i'm TRYING to say is: a) if you live in glens falls and you haven't already gotten your ticket for playfest, what in the 7 hells are you waiting for?? b) wherever you live, support the arts.  buy tickets, volunteer, teach, support your friends who are artists, get involved.  it's as fun as it is important.  i promise.