Blog Archive 2: Busy, busy, busy. Like a little bee.

Originally Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 9:58 PM

So much has happened since my last blog.  This is in part because I hardly ever blog, it is also because I have been keeping so busy that the days, weeks and months have bled together into one long whirlwind-like acting bender.  This is, however, exactly how I like it, I couldn't be happier than doing what I love 110% of the time, and occasionally sleeping or seeing friends.

"So: just what have you been doing, Charlotte," you ask.

"Well, friend, let me tell you..." I reply, and launch into an epic poem comprised mostly of workshops, auditions, teaching theatre, readings, multi-media pieces, more classes, emails, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, amen.

All of this, of course, is terribly interesting to me, although I can't remember all of it to save my life.  The most important points recently are:


The pilot episode of Mark Burnett and Celebrity Ghost Story creator Seth Jarrett's new deliciously spooky series (featuring yours truly,) will air next week.  I DO NOT HAVE CABLE.  WATCH IT FOR ME, PLEASE!!

2)  StageWRITE

Last week, I worked with a really wonderful and inspiring group of theatre professionals at Saratoga Springs' Maple Avenue Middle School - two of whom had been working with the 6th grade students of Ms. Kileen's (did I spell it correctly??) gifted and talented classes for 5 weeks prior to the other two actors', Brendan Cataldo and Mike Banks, and my arrival.  Mark Fleischer, artistic director of the Adirondack Theatre Festival, and Brenny Rabine, a really important teacher in my life and an insanely talented and successful actress, taught the students such valuable things about playwrighting, storytelling, and just observing and analyzing their own work.  They were teachers, directors and actors.  My fellow just-plain-actors were amazing and delightful.  Mike got thundering applause on two separate occasions for his arrivals.

For a third time, StageWRITE was a blast.  Thank you to everyone involved!

3)  Improv

SPEAKING of incredible ensembles!  I just finished level 1 improv at the PIT, and I really can't imagine being more fond of the people in my class and my teacher.  Everyone was there to have a great time, no egos knocking up against one another, just 13 people there to learn and play.  We had our showcase the other night, and HOT DAMN, it was solid!  Really, maybe I'm biased, but everyone was right there, listening, playing, making bold choices, and having fun.  I tell ya, I'm gonna miss seeing those sons of batches every Saturday.  See you guys in Level 2.


I have a couple things coming up - a couple potential film projects, an installation piece, a revival of Rhinestone Gorrilla Burlesque's Good Idea/Bad Idea.  I promise you'll hear about it if it's important.  It probably won't be a blog, though.  Just sayin'...