Blog Archive 3: well, it's about damn time.

initially, i had some pretty grand ideas about blogging.  more specifically, the frequency with which i was to do it:

i was going to reflect on my trip to los angeles (it was great, did great work for some very respectable people, made meaningful connections with my peers, made some potentially important connections with established industry people, was very independent,) on the closing of play dead, (complicated, sad, but most of all complicated,) and then on what i lovingly call my "social media echo chamber," (twitter is connected to facebook one, facebook two feeds into twitter, facebook two shows up on facebook one via twitter... headache.)  these were all very important things.  i did not write about them, but i did think a lot about them.

i am currently on the eve of the opening night of my latest project, callous cad.  we teched for what seemed a mercifully short amount of time, being a specific, but not overly complicated piece.  i am so excited to see my family and friends after the show tomorrow.  i have had such a blast working with john harlacher, tom x. chao and amy buchanan, the callous cad team, (and now c.j. thom and josh iachovelli.!)  being fresh-ish out of theatre school, it's a fairly rare thing to find established artists who are willing and eager to trust your artistic instincts, and to put you on the level of a peer, but in this production, each member has been a crucial part of the creation of what we are about to show, and i feel great about it.

callous cad opens tomorrow, september 30th at the HERE arts center, and plays fridays at 7pm, saturdays at 2pm and 7pm, and sundays at 2pm through the 16th of october.

tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everyone, and get ready to see a bizarre, magical hour of downtown theatre.

all info on callous cad can be found HERE!

hope to see you there!  =)