Charlotte's first Middle East adventure!

Ladies and gents, I'm shipping out again! 

I'll be in Israel for almost 3 weeks, starting next week.  It'll be my first time, so I'm gonna sight see, get in touch with my Jewish roots, (I'm a halfling, for those of you who didn't know!)  get to know the Tel Aviv arts scene, and do one of my favorite things: soak in a new culture.  One of my other favorite things is using travel as an excuse to start learning or refresh my knowledge of a language.  And let's just say, I'm on it.  My Hebrew lessons are in full swing on my iPhone.

What's more, I'll be joined by my best friend and partner in crime of nearly a decade.   Looking forward to the dead sea and meeting some Israeli artists!   If you're lucky, maybe I'll post some pics.  See y'all in December!! 



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