Charlotte Pines

“Offering enlightenment is a Magical Being (the delightful Charlotte Pines of Play Dead as the spirit of love) ... Ms. Pines’s irrepressible sprite is an enchanting foil to Mr. Chao’s petulant and tearful neurotic.”

— Andy Webster, New York Times, "Support From a Love Sprite and Some Fractured Friends," full review here



Photos by Emily Lambert, hair and makeup by Jennifer Vega. Acting resume available upon request for professional inquiries only.

Selected Video Clips

Clips from various film and new media projects featuring Charlotte’s work as a performer. Other projects and audition-style videos are available for professional inquiries only.  Email to request more information or video samples.


Excerpt from Episode 5 of sci-fi/comedy web series, CAT PLANET, featuring Charlotte Pines, Patrick Darwin Williams, and Zac Amico. Directed by Natasha Kermani, co-produced by Halfstache Productions & the Ravacon Collective, written and created by Charlotte Pines.


Cover of Lana del Ray’s “Video Games” on autoharp. Filmed in Ganges, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 2015.


A scene from Mike Bartlett's epic eco-drama, Earthquakes in London, developed and adapted for camera at The WKSHP. Starring Charlotte Pines and Justin Morck. Directed by Forrest McClain. Shot by Natasha Kermani and Forrest McClain. Copyright © 2013 The WKSHP.

swing still.jpg



Giglio Feast, Photos by Ben Grad

Photos appear with express permission of Ben Grad and are not to be duplicated or used without his permission. Please feel free to contact him via his website or on Instagram @bengradphoto.


Portrait Session with Garrett Shore


PULP NOIR, Photos by Garrett Shore, HMU by Drea "Miss Cherry Delight" Lorraine


Siren/Demon, Photos by Shane Velazquez, HMU Drea "Miss Cherry Delight" Lorraine


PINUP SHOOT, Photos by Paul Ferris, HMU by Drea "Miss Cherry Delight" Lorraine